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Why Your Sales Hiring Process isn’t Working…


and how you can fix it

So your new salesperson interviewed well…

She checked all of the boxes for industry experience, and she seems like a great fit for your company culture. However…

Six months into her working at your company she has gained little to no traction, and she hasn’t been effective. She doesn’t seem to be working out, and you are baffled and frustrated because she did so well in her interviews.

Unfortunately, this is a constant problem you have been experiencing for months or years now. You are exhausted and confused about why this keeps happening, and you don’t know what to do next. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take right now to identify and solve the problem for good.


3 Keys for Getting the Results You Need.

Transform the way that you think about the sales hiring process

Sales hiring fails for many reasons, however, these three actions are something you can do right now start fixing the problem for yourself.

#1 Stop writing ads
that list Responsibilities & Accountabilities.

Create an ad that attracts the type of salesperson by describing what they currently do. For example, “you call on VPs of Marketing at OEMs in the Auto Industry, and you are able to differentiate yourself by selling value.”

#2 Don’t sell the role or the company until you take the candidate to the final stages of the process.

The process should be focused on qualifying the candidate. In the final interview we roll out the red carpet because we know the candidate fits.

#3 The biggest shift is the mindset of your interviewers.

What kind of questions are your interviewers asking? Focus on your hiring criteria and the results of the process. What are the mistakes costing you?

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