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Hiring the Right Salesperson: A Proven Process vs. Your Gut

Your gut is good at many things: warning you, sensing emotions, and digesting chili. But is it the solution to hiring the right salesperson? Let’s explore.

90 million job seekers have lied on their resumes. These lies are tricky to spot and challenge because they focus on misuse of data and read, “top sales performer in the Midwest for 5 years.”  The reality: they are the only salesperson in the Midwest.  What you need are the right questions to root this type of resume bullshit out.

79% of hiring decisions are made from the gut and you only get it right 14% of the time. No wonder there is so much frustration and hesitation about hiring sales staff.   Gut feel is still important, but you need good guard rails to be working within to make sure the candidate gets through a screening process that eliminates those wrong for the sales role you need to fill.

 I bet you’re wondering:

  • What questions do I ask?
  • Do I ask the same questions in the early stages?
  • How do I know the candidate is authentic?
  • What happens when I hear the right “notes”, but it does not match up with the resume or what I hear?

There is a tool you can use to save time and costly hiring mistakes that will predict if the sales candidate can sell in your markets, to your decision-makers, against your competition at your price points.

You can have free access to it here: Register for our Free Sales Candidate Assessment here.  I encourage you to run a strong candidate through this assessment.  If nothing else, you will gain new insight into this candidate.

What’s the catch?  The use of the tool is free.  My team will offer help to make sure you understand the data.  If 80% of the salespeople you hired over the last 5 years are still with you, you are doing well.  If not, this tool can help.

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Walter from Helix Sales

With 30+ years of experience in business development, sales, sales coaching, and sales management positions, Walter has gained a deep understanding of, and rare insight into managing and implementing a sales process. His unique, best-in-class sales assessment tools and CRM software have proven to be exactly what businesses need to transform their sales team and process.

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