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HIRE SALES SUPERSTARS: Solutions to 3 Common Mistakes

At Helix, a significant part of helping growth-minded CEOs and business owners is finding salespeople who will be successful. Here are 3 mistakes (and their solutions) to help you hire better.

Attracting the wrong salespeople to the hiring process.

I have a recently divorced friend, Paul who decided he was ready for romance. Paul’s plan was to find someone with similar interests, so he joined a tennis club and volleyball league. After many conversations and dates, he found a woman with whom he shared common interests, so they decided to explore these to see if they’re compatible.

Hiring a Salesperson involves a similar approach. It begins with job postings in the right venues like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Zip Recruiter. Here’s where you describe the person you want to meet; don’t list a bunch of responsibilities! Boring.

You want candidates to see themselves fitting into your company and succeeding in the role. They should read the post and think “they are describing me.” Do you know what success looks like for a Salesperson in your organization?

Interviewers not ready for 5-Star Candidates.

Top Salespeople excel at interviewing and often exceed the skills of the interviewer in small or mid-market companies. Interviewers must have a plan and raise their game, if necessary, to meet the professional expectations of the candidate and make an exceptional hire.

The interview must challenge the candidate to demonstrate congruence between their words and experience.  Ideally, interviewers are using a Predictive Assessment for Salespeople.

The Helix sales-specific hiring process is designed to save time and money.  Screen candidates prior to spending time with them. Even a 10-minute phone screen allows you to determine if a candidate can follow directions, build rapport, respond to pressure, and be articulate.

Top Salespeople have expectations.  This is not just about compensation.  They will ask questions about your technology stack, your management style, the expectations for the role, and how you will prepare them to speak about the company and products.  Be ready.

Don’t start selling the position and the company until you have decided the candidate is a good fit.  Conduct in-person for the 2 or 3 candidates who appear to be a good fit. Introduce final candidates to their potential direct Sales Manager to evaluate the rapport and begin a solid relationship. Keep the pressure on until the final interview when you sell the advantages of the role, the culture, and the company.

On-boarding not suitable for elite Salespeople.

The first 90-days are critical in a sales role.  This starts with having everything ready for them including business cards, a fully functional computer loaded with the software, access to the CRM, and a cool box of company SWAG is always a good idea.

The first few weeks must be mapped out but that should not include isolating the Salesperson in a conference room for three weeks of “training”.  Mix it up! Arrange a combination of video training, time with key team members, help them understand who does what, and where the resources are.

In most cases, there is no reason a Salesperson cannot spend time on the phone or on the street. Give them the support that they need immediately and have a plan for coaching them.

Do your Sales Managers need help coaching?

The Helix Sales Process has 10 fundamental elements.  We have discussed 3 of them here.  Helix offers a Quick Start hiring program that guides your team and provides them the training to execute a repeatable process to hire rock stars.

Would it be a crazy idea to talk about reducing the churn in your sales organization?  Let’s have a virtual coffee and discuss options!

With 30+ years of experience in business development, sales coaching, and sales management positions, Walter has gained deep understanding of, and rare insight into managing and implementing a sales process. His unique, best-in-class sales assessment tools and CRM software have proven to be exactly what businesses need to transform their sales team and process.

You owe it to yourself and your sales team to find out how Helix Sales Development can transform your business. Schedule a call today, and discover a renewed sense of potential for your business.