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Imagine a world where your sales team hits their numbers quarter after quarter. Imagine having control over your revenue, and enjoying true freedom in how you manage and grow your business. With Helix Sales Development that dream can become your reality. 

Helix Sales Development uncovers the hidden reasons your sales team is underperforming and uses that information to improve the Sales DNA of your organization. Our proven process builds a repeatable system for generating revenue growth and increasing your enterprise value.

Talent Evaluation  |  Individual Performance Improvement  |  Proven Sales Process

You owe it to yourself and your sales team to ensure they’re equipped with all the tools they need to be successful. Take the first step; schedule a call with us and discover a renewed sense of potential for your business.

We Feel Your Pain …

We understand it feels defeating and frustrating every quarter your sales team fails to meet its target. It’s disappointing each time you hire someone you think will be a rockstar, and they turn out to be a backup singer (at best). And with sales turnover at an all-time high, the constant two-steps-forward, one-step-back churn is demoralizing for everyone, including your customers.

Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for having a subpar sales team. We quickly get to the root causes of how and why your team is failing, and then we put evidence-based systems and processes in place to achieve a rapid turn around.

CEOs Unintentionally Cause Their Sales Teams to Fail

It Takes Skilled Sales Leadership to Drive Sales Performance.

Chances are, your sales managers became sales managers because when they were salespeople they were great at sales. Unfortunately, being good at sales is a very different skill than being good at sales management.

By default, it usually falls to the CEO or COO to fill the gaps in sales management. And chances are that responsibility takes more time and attention than you can give it.

Unfortunately, the best attempts of an organization’s leadership to improve the sales team usually make matters worse. Here’s how:

They hire the wrong people

How well a person interviews, and whether they’ve been successful before does not predict success in the sales role you have. These hiring mistakes are costly.

They expect salespeople to coach themselves.

Michael Jordan didn’t become one of the most successful basketball players in the world by himself. Daily practice and focused coaching made him a superstar. If coaching is necessary for a simple sport like basketball, it’s even more crucial for unlocking the potential of your talent in a complex sport like sales.

No proven repeatable process that reliably creates sales

To get pipeline reports you can take to the bank, you need a sales process that is built around repeatable, customer-focused, milestone-based activities matched to the customer’s buying journey.

The Solution is Surprisingly Simple:

The Right People, In the Right Roles, With the Right Process.

Helix Sales Development provides comprehensive sales development services that rapidly improve the performance of sales teams. We map the Sales DNA of your team, fill every gap, and engineer a durable, proven repeatable sales process to support your success.

Best-in-class talent evaluation tools.

Unlike personality or behavioral tests, our assessment reveals whether your talent has the 21 Critical Core Competencies to be successful. Ours is the only tool that is predictive. 91% of the salespeople that we recommend will rise to the top half of your sales team within 12-months. 75% who are hired against our recommendations fail within 6 months.


Individual performance improvement.

The same talent evaluation tools we use in hiring are crucial to getting the salespeople you already have to perform. By understanding their Sales DNA, we can pinpoint the skill gaps and sales mindset challenges to identify the root causes of their underperformance. We then coach them to fill the gaps, turning your B-players into A’s, and A’s into superstars.

A sales process proven to create sales success.

We relieve the stresses and pains of sales management by implementing a sales process that is built around repeatable, customer-focused, milestone-based selling activities proven to increase sales. We then leverage technology to be efficient, manage progress, and hold salespeople accountable.


You deserve to break free from the plateau that binds your business. Schedule a 15-minute call with us today, and see for yourself how Helix Sales Development can take your business to the next level.

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“I created Helix Sales Development because Presidents & CEOs were not receiving the data they needed to make good decisions about their sales organization, and they were struggling. We provide the answers to the questions they should be asking & execute the solutions to fix the sales team once and for all.”

— Walter Crosby, President, Helix Sales Development

Trust the Process

You’ll believe it when you see it.

Our methods work. When we work with a growth-minded CEO, on average we increase revenue 78% within 18-24 months of implementation. By assessing the skills of existing talent, creating individualized coaching programs, improving key accountability activities with technology, and hiring the right talent, we help you create and sustain a world-class sales team.

Your sales team shouldn’t be your kryptonite. It should be your superpower. Get the tools you need to power up your sales today.

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