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We Make Sales Departments Perform

Most sales development solutions on offer today are long on hype and short on results. The motivational effect of sales trainers usually dissipates after a few weeks. Process improvement consultants offer pretty graphs, but their solutions work better in theory than in practice and they can’t roll up their sleeves to ensure implementation. And personality-test consultants can predict how someone will connect around the water cooler, but not whether they’ll succeed in the market.

By contrast, our comprehensive sales development services focus on the three pillars of sales team success: getting the right people in the right roles, putting in place a measurable, customer-focused, milestone-based selling system that keeps your team working on the daily activities proven to create sales, and then ensuring your managers coach each team member to individual success.

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Can your sales team be more efficient? By how much? What would it take to achieve your growth targets? What would the ROI be? There’s only one way to find out: give us a call and see for yourself.


Diagnose & Plan

We complete a top to bottom evaluation of the sales organization: Salespeople, Sales Management, Sales Systems & Processes, Sales Hiring and Sales Leadership, and build a targeted Rapid Growth Plan.



We work with your sales managers to implement a repeatable, milestone-based, customer-focused sales process, target coaching to improve talent, and manage your pipeline to success.

Diagnose & Plan

The Formula for Success: Talent + Process + Accountability = Results

Understanding the root causes of a problem is the key to effectively solving it. That’s why the first step of every engagement is a top-to-bottom review, to understand what’s working well and where gaps exist in your sales team. With the root causes identified, we can launch the transformation that will take your sales team to the next level so you can reliably hit your revenue targets quarter after quarter.

Talent Acquisition

Hire the right people from the start

We implement best-of-breed sales evaluation tools to hire the right people and reduce churn. Unlike personality tools like Predictive Index or Myer Briggs, our sales-specific evaluation is the only tool that is predictive of sales success and does not benchmark behavioral traits. 91% of the salespeople that we recommend will rise to the top half of your sales team within 12-months. 75% of salespeople who are hired against our recommendations fail within 6 months. Put the right people in the right roles, and see the revenue grow.

Talent Improvement

Practice makes perfect

The skills and behaviors that produce sales success are as coachable as the ability to swing a bat, shoot a ball, or kick a field goal. All it takes is the right tools and a good coach. We’ve partnered with Objective Management Group (OMG) to deliver best-in-class sales talent and process evaluation tools to create pinpoint-targeted improvement plans that coach your team to success.

Free Tools

Still on the fence? Start your evaluation with our free tools

At Helix Sales Development, we’re passionate about helping business owners make their sales team world-class. The first step on the path to solutions is seeing clearly, for the first time, the root cause of your problems. While a thorough, top-to-bottom review of your sales team and sales systems is the work of weeks, we’ve partnered with Objective Management Group to make several free tools available so you can begin your evaluation today.

Use the tools below to glimpse ways to right-size your sales organization for today’s challenging economic environment, grade your recruiting process, get insight into how your sales process compares to your competitors, and evaluate how effective you are today at recruiting and retaining the sales talent you need to succeed. Then give us a call and we can help you determine what to do about the opportunities our tools have uncovered.