Sales and Cigars Podcast

“Calling all brothers and sisters of the leaf”

With cigar in hand and the occasional dry rye Manhattan, host Walter Crosby has real conversations with growth-minded individuals about carefully curated sales topics.


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  • A great listen for entrepreneurs
    June 21, 2024 by Gardenfair from United States

    Sales & Cigars delivers value for business owners. Host Walter Crosby brings the best out of his guests for the benefit of listeners!

  • Great PODCast
    May 25, 2024 by stevepiv from United States

    What a great way to spend a commute!

  • More Than Sales!
    May 16, 2024 by kamkam197555 from United States

    Walter is a refreshing voice covering relevant topics with really inspiring guests. This show is so much more than sales - great content for anyone with a growth mindset and working to be a better version of themselves!

  • Guesting on “Sales & Cigars”
    April 1, 2024 by THE-CEO from United States

    Walter Crosby does an amazing job preparing and guiding his guests through extremely relevant and topical conversations that the audience will bookmark for all time reference points. Walter was also a guest on my podcast, and he is equally talented as a guest as he is as a host.

  • Fun and valuable content!!!
    January 25, 2024 by James I. Bond from United States

    I’ve been listening to Sales and Cigars and have found it awesome! Walter's choice of topics and guests make his podcasts relevant and fun. Outstanding, and valuable on so many levels!

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Walter has been our Fractional Sales Manager for 2 years. Last year, I exceeded my revenue goal by 26%. This year I am trending to grow more than 32%. Walter’s coaching, and support rocks.

Colleen W. / Business Development at asphalt company

"The coaching sessions we had over the last five weeks, helped me close a significant engagement. I would not have had the confidence to execute had you not coached me."

John S. - Account Manager at a FinTech Company


"Our new Biz Dev Rep has been a great fit culturally, and has all the tools to do the job. We all, thank you."

Stephen M. - Integrator & Hiring Manager at a Health Services Company

"Helix's Fractional Sales Leadership has saved us time, and delivered more value than we expected!"

Jack W. - President at a Construction Company

"I can say with all confidence, Helix Sales Development has given me a richer life."

Joshua C. - Managing Partner at a Marketing Agency

"As a former athlete I realized that I lacked the coaching that I thrived on in college. Walter has challenged & guided as my football coaches did."

Tony S. - Vice President of Sales at a Promotional Products Company

"I wish there was some way to create a matching system like this for other positions!! I am so glad we found you!"

Suzanne B. - President at a Furniture Distribution Company

"We hired 9 salespeople in the last 3 months using your hiring process. 8 of them are heads and shoulders above anyone we've hired in the past 2 years. The 9th you told us not to hire, and he sucks at everything you said he would suck at."

Brent B. - Executive VP of Sales at an Outsourcing Company

"Using your hiring process, we hired two salespeople who have impacted the entire sales organization with their performance. We took your recommendation to speak with another candidate we would have ruled out, and that hire helped revive a struggling division!"

Gregg R. - Chief Operating Officer at a Furniture Distribution Company

"Walter’s coaching has helped resurface my confidence; he also has guided me down the path of greater sales success beating sales objectives each month. "

Yesmain R. - Sales Executive / Promotional Products Company

"With very little knowledge about hiring a high-level salesperson I turned to Walter for help as he came highly recommended. His skill set and experience was instrumental in our hiring process and allowed us to vet and ultimately higher very qualified candidates."

Caleb S. / CEO & C0-Founder of CPG Marketing Company

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