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Building A+ Sales Teams

In order to build a strong sales team, you need tools that work.

At Helix Sales Development, we’re passionate about helping business owners make their sales team world-class, and we believe in the power of our tools to effectively identify problems and highlight the path to solutions. When using OMG’s tools in the hiring process, we can predict with 91% accuracy which salespeople will succeed and perform better than a company’s existing median salespeople. Not only that, but because they succeed in their new role, they stay longer than the median salespeople, too. And that’s just one benefit to OMG’s sales tools. 

Using these tools and our process, Helix Sales Development is capable of doubling, or even tripling your revenue in just 18-24 months. However, the accuracy and success of our tools and process allow you to control how fast and how much your company grows.

Try Our Free Sales Tools

We know that CEOs and acting business managers have been burned by sales trainers and DIY methods in the past. That’s why we offer a small handful of the tools that we use for free. See for yourself how our tools uncover the true sales problems.

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Hiring Mistake Calculator

So you lost an employee … What are you really losing? 

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Recruiting Process Grader

Are you hiring the right people?

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Sales Process Grader

Is your sales process hurting or helping your sales success?

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Sales Achievement Grader

Are you achieving your sales goals?

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SalesForce Grader

How effective is your sales team?

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SmartSizing Tool

Ready to right-size your sales organization?

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