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5 Tips for Awesome Customer Service

Customer Service

Did you know it’s 5 times more costly to gain a new customer than it is to keep a current one?  If it is less expensive to retain a customer, it makes the most sense to focus Customer Service so you can keep them.  Here are 5 ways to help your salespeople build relationships and keep existing accounts.

Pro Tip: these are best combined conversations focused on delivering value.

  1. Don’t get caught up in technique and technology

    Sales organizations are leaning on AI and other technologies to cast a bigger net.  This is great, but you cannot forget the customer is a group of living breathing people.  Texts and other digital communication supplement phone calls, video conferences, and good a ol’ face-to-face.  By the way, a handwritten note every once in a while, is HUGE.

  2. Define how you can help

    Customers need attention.  How much?  Ask them.  Once the relationship is established, simply ask the prospect something like this – “I want to be of service to you and be there when you need me, so how often would you like to hear from me and how?”  A question like this shows you care and respect their time.

  3. Add value with each touchpoint 

    If you have a longer sales cycle or a short one, salespeople need to add value with each interaction.  An email with a sneak peek at a new offering adds value; so does a call about regulations that are pending that can help or hurt your industry.  Some call it nurturing, others call it cultivating, but whatever the name you must provide some help, guidance, or support to their role in the company.

  4. Consistently deliver on your message

    Be consistent about the company messaging.  You cannot position yourself as the lowest price in Q1 and Q2 & Q3 and switch to messaging about quality in Q4.  Whatever your model is be consistent and deliver on it.  Your positioning statement cannot talk about how you deliver great customer service if you don’t have a plan to delivery great customer service.  Decide on your message and stick to it!

  5. Make Customer Service a prospecting activity

    If your salespeople take care of existing accounts and hunt for new business, create a metric that helps the salespeople stay on target and coach them toward success.  How many monthly prospecting activities must be executed with existing accounts?  Give them direction, accountability and credit for great customer service.

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