Yes, technology makes us more efficient. There’s the answer—a short blog.

Not so fast. In theory, technology makes us more efficient and big tech conglomerates spend major bucks to keep that message coming at us. Society buys into this hook, line, and sinker but does that mean it’s true?

First, Let’s Look at the Definition of Efficient

Oxford Languages provides this:

  • (of a person) working in a well-organized and competent way.

I looked at a few and found similar definitions with words like productive, no waste, and effective. But this doesn’t clear things up for me because then I wonder what productive and effective actually mean; individuals must define this for themselves as it relates to their definition of success.

Short Story

I had a client who invested six figures into technology and had tons of data, beautiful reports, and a business that looked efficient on the surface. When I investigated more deeply, the numbers didn’t lie—they were not making sales so there was little revenue.

They doubled down on technology and enrolled in an online sales training program. The sales team all participated but found it hard to know what happened when they continued to lose sales. The technology couldn’t tell them specifically what was wrong or how to fix their sales problems. Not efficient.

My team conducted a lengthy analysis and came up with a strategy and tactical plan to get their sales team on track over the course of many months, and there’s the rub. TIME. They wanted a quick solution—a tech solution that would make the process more efficient. But there is no substitute for embedded learning, observation, and feedback which takes time but that alone doesn’t make it inefficient.

Time is What We Leverage

Time and how we invest it allow us to move the needle in sales. Sales leaders who spend time creating processes, messaging, and coaching will see huge gains. Invest resources to find alternatives that competitors are overlooking. Support these efforts with the right technology to maximize efforts. THIS is efficient!

Challenge your view of technology and your definition of efficient. Are you truly working toward your vision of success? Change how you spend your time. Be bold and invest time in solving big problems better than your competition.