Why don’t more CEOs and business owners have high-performing Sales Teams? Why are they missing the mark?

There are common areas of frustration for most sales leaders.

  • Hiring salespeople who perform
  • Holding salespeople accountable
  • Inaccurate sales forecasts
  • Missed revenue objectives

“Who hiding the secrets to success?”

“No one really knows if they’re interviewing a sales superstar or a stinker.”

“Do my salespeople covertly work against their own interests and the company?”

“I just need the magic formula.”


Consider that salespeople who work in the same businesses, on the same team, selling to the same type of customers, at the same price points and in the same markets, yet some are high performing and others are underperforming.

What causes the different outcomes?

  • Talent
  • Desire
  • Skills
  • Mindset

Imagine you’re interviewing someone: they’re charismatic, agreeable, AND they have a great resume—why wouldn’t you hire them? Because looks and charm can be deceiving. Do they have the necessary DNA to be a salesperson at your company? Assessments like Meyers Briggs help determine fit but are not designed to determine success in sales. You need tests and tools tailored specifically for identifying someone’s sales DNA and Helix has a set of free tools to help get you started.

Operations & Culture

Perhaps there are hidden weaknesses with the structure of the sales organization. Here are examples of elements that will hold a sales organization back from high performance.

  • No sales accountability framework
  • Weak sales management
  • A sales pipeline that is unmanaged
  • Sales culture that accepts mediocrity

What does the enigmatic sales organization require to consistently reach sales objectives?  It is not alchemy or reliance on luck to find a few high-performing salespeople. A dynamic sales culture and sales operations with strong foundational elements. Sales leaders must create a culture of high-performance by valuing their people and demonstrating consistency, diligence, and excellence. Leaders cannot be at the mercy of the system; they must be the system and accountable for its performance.

There are no mysterious elements or a secret sauce when it comes to creating high-performing sales teams. It’s all about using tools and data to hire the right people while creating an engaging culture with solid systems.