Have you ever jumped out of bed in a great mood, ready to take on the day and win? Have you ever woken up pissed off, and your day is ruined before your feet hit the floor?  If either of these is true, we can agree that our Mindset can be influenced. Let’s not take chances with our Mindset, especially as it influences our success in Sales.

About ten years ago I became aware of Tim Ferriss and his book The Four Hour Work Week. Tim helped me see that I can take control of my mindset with something called a morning routine. This post helps you understand the idea. Tim’s focus is productivity; your focus is whatever you wish it to be.


Don’t let your Mindset happen randomly. Take control of your inputs, especially in the morning. Focus on clearing your head. Some people do this with meditation, some do it with exercise. I’ll let you in on a little secret: you have a morning routine already; you just don’t realize it.

Routine builds habits and they can be helpful or harmful. Again, you get to decide. Examine what you do in the morning and determine if it adds value to your goals and objectives.


Successful people evaluate the behaviors and look for correlations with the outcomes. You know what else successful people do? Say no more often. They stay focused on their objectives and create environments that support their goals.

I can feel the eye rolls. “But Walter, Jeff Bezos has more time because he doesn’t have to run to the grocery store, pick up the dry cleaning, and everything else I do.” Probably not, but he does make a conscious decision to have breakfast with his kids, and I bet he has more people looking to get on his schedule than you have. Bottom Line: Evaluate and make better choices.


Here’s the morning routine that helps me be productive. When I vary my routine, my day is a bit off.

  • Up by 5:30 am. This allows me quiet time in my house to execute the rest of my routine.
  • Black & Hot.
  • Meditate (Headspace App) for 15-minutes. It is important to do this within about 10-minutes of my eyes opening. Calms my mind.
  • Define the 3 Key Activities I need to be successful for that day.
  • Read the Daily Stoic.
  • Scan a couple of targeted newsletters. Cold Brew is one.


I believe changing the inputs to my brain has been more helpful than anything else. Here is what I have stopped.

  • Listening to the news on the radio in the morning.
  • Watching any news programs on television.
  • Social media. I only spend time on LinkedIn.
  • Doing things that I don’t enjoy.

Yes, I stopped listening to news programs, Twitter, and Facebook. I’m still able to have intelligent conversations with people plus, I have more time for things that I enjoy and help me grow. The best part? I don’t walk around upset about things that I cannot influence.

Taking control of my inputs has positive effects on my Mindset which makes me more productive, fruitful, and allow me to add value to my clients, family, and friends. Give it a try and let me know what you discover.