Sales Managers Remote Team MeetingI started Helix Sales Development to give Sales Managers a fighting chance. Every department in an organization is managed because the outcomes are better with a leader providing guidance and feedback. Sales is no different.

Unlike other departments, like Finance, Sales does not have a universal language or established agreed-upon principles. Why is this a big deal? Because traditionally, top salespeople are promoted to management without much support, guidance, or training which creates chaos. It’s assumed they can seamlessly shift to a managerial perspective and implement effective leadership strategies. Add to the mix people working remotely and you’ve got a recipe for potential disaster.

Don’t despair because there are principles and a framework that should guide Sales Management and is why we have created a Remote Sales Management Success Program. It provides Sales Managers with a working structure to create remote accountability and address the hidden Sales DNA weaknesses of the managers.

Not ready for all this? Mentor your Sales Managers!!  This is a must, but it’s not consistently done. Without consistent mentoring, your sales management lacks the confidence to lead at a high level. Company leaders must take this opportunity to mentor and coach!

Would it be a ridiculous idea to invest in your Sales Managers right now? You want them to exceed your company revenue goals, right? We make it simple so everything your Sales Managers need is right here.