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Does your sales team need help, so you are looking for some development tools to help get you started?   Maybe you need to start building a toolbox, rather than have information organized for the team.  Well, keep reading.  This post will give you some ideas. 


Helix Mini Courses

At Helix, we are rebuilding some courses for entrepreneurs and sales executives to use to help develop performance.  There will be a series of what we call mini-courses.  The mini courses will be 3 to 5 short modules that dive into a very specific sales topic.  These will be announced shortly and be available through social media, and our website. 

Our YouTube Channel is a source of several awesome sources of free information. Go check it out.  It is updated weekly.


Sales and Cigars

Sales and Cigars is my podcast.  You can find all of the most recent Sales and Cigars episodes  in video format. We drop one episode each week and we are approaching the 100th episode in a few weeks. This is a huge milestone for us.  

The podcast is focused on delivering value to entrepreneurs, CEOs of small businesses and senior sales leaders.  We are literally talking about sales to help you think about sales differently.  

I conclude each episode by asking guests if they have a relationship with one of my other passions – Cigars. I’ve heard interesting stories from guests who smoked a cigar with people such as…Joe Cocker, Michael Jordan, and another with uncle “joey cigars”. 

Each episode includes two videos, in addition to the full conversation, that are what we call “short cuts.” They highlight a 60-second sampling of either the guest or me sharing an important idea.  These are a great way to gain some quick insights. Here is an example from Dr. Lauran Star.


Video camera on tripod recording event


On the same YouTube Channel we have a section called Clips. These are videos that are about 3 minutes long and allow me to share thoughts on a specific nuance of sales.  The title gives you the topic.  

All of the content on the YouTube Channel is free.  Some are more valuable than others, but easily shareable with your team. Please remember to like and subscribe. 


Helix Learning Management System

How would you like your own Learning Management System for the sales organization?  It is pre-built, branded with your company, and has over 100 modules of learning, available to your team 24/7.  Topics include: Critical sales skills, Sales Leadership, Customer Service, Emotional Intelligence, and Leadership Skills.  There are 3 years of content here.

The modules are interactive with text, video and questions.  Sales managers can use these modules for training, running more effective sales meetings, and work on being better coaches of their team.  

My platform is ready to go and is affordable for small teams under five and up to sales teams with 100s of reps. Just think – you can bring sales training in house!


The 7 Critical Mistakes CEOs Make With Their Sales Organizations by Walter Crosby7 Critical Mistakes CEOs Make with Their Sales Organization

Lastly, I wrote a short helpful book for Entrepreneurs.  It defines 7 big problems that CEOs make with their sales organization, and how to fix them. What are the 7 Critical Mistakes?  Good question. 

  1. Not aligning your vision for the company with what the employees can do in their role to make it happen.  Vague and fuzzy language is part of the problem.
  2. Not explaining why you are different, and assuming the salespeople will figure it out.  They will not!
  3. Giving up control of the sale to the buyer.  
  4. Accepting revenue forecasts that are not reliable and accurate.
  5. Hiring salespeople the same way you hire everyone else at the company!  This one is so expensive. 
  6. Not aligning business strategy with sales tactics.
  7. Not understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the people on the sales team.  This leads to awful decisions when the economy tightens up. 

If you want a free copy, or want to learn a little more – you do that here.

I want to thank you for subscribing and reading the blog.  The entire team at Helix Sales Development is working hard to deliver value to as many entrepreneurs as we can.  We do not and cannot work with everyone who reaches out, but we are building offerings to give you access to great tools.  

Which reminds me.  If you want to address mistake #5, here is access to some data and a monthly subscription to the tool we use to predict sales success.  Go poke around. Hiring better salespeople and discerning who should be on your team has never been more important, and we have multiple programs to help.