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Data-Driven Decisions in Uncertain Times

COVID-19 is a serious health issue that has had devastating impacts on individuals, families, and communities. There have been wide-ranging strategies around the world from complete lockdown with military enforcement to providing guidance for behavior and everything in between. Many have kept people safe but often to the demise of local economies and small businesses.

There are so many data sources and interpretations on treatments, prevention, and how to get back to work safely that it’s left many of us exasperated. About the only consistent message is, “Wash your hands!”

It’s important not to let the exasperation of the pandemic seep into our businesses. There is good news! At Helix, we believe data and science are the foundations of best practices and guidance. There’s even better news—our partners at the Objective Management Group (OMG) created the SmartSizing tool which is the must-have resource for these uncertain times!

Right-sizing involves more than just revenue and overhead. When you’re ready to consider a more evolved equation to determine the roles and people to retain, OMG’s SmartSizing tool uses data to help you decide. Using sales science and validated predictive findings, OMG’s SmartSizing tool recommends who to retain based on the results of our Viability Analysis which takes into consideration the following factors:

  • Viability Analysis– Which salespeople are not part of our short-term future?
  • Savings and Opportunity Analysis– How much will we save, and how much potential does our sales force have?
  • Role Analysis– What is the ideal role for each salesperson?
  • Pipeline Analysis– How viable is the pipeline of the candidates for redeployment?

The tool is productive, efficient, and provides the data and insight that Business Leaders need to make great decisions about their sales organization for the short & the long term. The best part? It’s one source for information on your organization’s data plus expert analysis.

Looking for more ways to adjust during the pandemic? This blog post from our colleagues at DEKSIA has great insights – 3 Unique Ways Business Can Adapt During COVID-19!

With 30+ years of experience in business development, sales coaching, and sales management positions, Walter has gained deep understanding of, and rare insight into managing and implementing a sales process. His unique, best-in-class sales assessment tools and CRM software have proven to be exactly what businesses need to transform their sales team and process.

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