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Fractional Sales Leadership Blog

#1 Role of a Sales Manager? COACH

Walter Crosby | Mar 12, 2021 | Sales Team Management

Sales Manager and Coach Coaching is not complicated, but uncommon. It’s rare to find a sales manager who is a skilled coach and this graphic illustrates the magnitude of the problem. Even when an organization has all the key components, without the thread of coaching running through the sales organization consistent performance is unlikely, and […]

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Sales DNA: Understanding the Building Blocks of the Sales Force

Walter Crosby | Feb 25, 2021 | Sales Management Coaching, Sales Team Management

Humans are made of DNA and these building blocks contain information about our strengths and weaknesses. At HELIX, we have the DNA test for sales organizations!

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The Mystery of a High-Performing Sales Organization.

Walter Crosby | Feb 05, 2021 | Sales Team Performance

Why don’t more CEOs and business owners have high-performing Sales Teams? Why are they missing the mark? There are common areas of frustration for most sales leaders. Hiring salespeople who perform Holding salespeople accountable Inaccurate sales forecasts Missed revenue objectives “Who hiding the secrets to success?” “No one really knows if they’re interviewing a sales […]

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Sales Mindset: It Starts with your Morning Routine

Walter Crosby | Jan 18, 2021 | Sales Management Coaching

Have you ever jumped out of bed in a great mood, ready to take on the day and win? Have you ever woken up pissed off, and your day is ruined before your feet hit the floor?  If either of these is true, we can agree that our Mindset can be influenced. Let’s not take […]

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A PYR Beats an Empty New Year Resolution

Walter Crosby | Jan 05, 2021 | Sales Team Performance

I applaud anyone who wants to improve their health, finances, or relationships. If now is the time, awesome! But please don’t make another empty resolution—try a PYR this year! Spend an hour with a notepad, pen, and your favorite contemplative vice reviewing the past year. You know, a glass of wine or a cigar.  The […]

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Are Prospects Pressuring You? Don’t Make these 3 Mistakes!

Walter Crosby | Dec 16, 2020 | Sales Team Performance

In December, I spend time contemplating what I did well and what I did poorly throughout the year. I consider 4 buckets: health, finance, professional growth, and value-added to my community. My process of contemplation involves a quiet space, a pen, a pad of paper, and a cigar. I will also put my calendar on the […]

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It’s Crunch Time and I’m not Talking About Cookies!

Walter Crosby | Dec 08, 2020 | Sales Team Performance

We’re in the homestretch and many salespeople and sales managers cannot wait until this year is over. I can’t make you feel better about 2020, but I’ll give you a focal point and lend you a hand. At HELIX we love December because, traditionally, it is one of our busiest months for closing new business. […]

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HIRE SALES SUPERSTARS: Solutions to 3 Common Mistakes

Walter Crosby | Nov 23, 2020 | Sales Team Hiring

At Helix, a significant part of helping growth-minded CEOs and business owners is finding salespeople who will be successful. Here are 3 mistakes (and their solutions) to help you hire better. Attracting the wrong salespeople to the hiring process. I have a recently divorced friend, Paul who decided he was ready for romance. Paul’s plan […]

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Key Metrics to Drive Revenue Objectives

Walter Crosby | Nov 09, 2020 | Sales Team Performance

Do you know what the right metrics are for your role in the company?  A front-line Sales Manager’s dashboard should vary greatly from the CEO’s because their influence and control are much different. Metrics must focus on what each role can influence and control. Are you Measuring What Matters? We are surrounded by metrics, but […]

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Hey Sales Managers! Need Help Managing Your Remote Team?

Walter Crosby | Oct 19, 2020 | Sales Team Management

I started Helix Sales Development to give Sales Managers a fighting chance. Every department in an organization is managed because the outcomes are better with a leader providing guidance and feedback. Sales is no different. Unlike other departments, like Finance, Sales does not have a universal language or established agreed-upon principles. Why is this a […]

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