Don’t start the road trip without a map (GPS)

When we ventured out on a road trip when I was a kid, my father was the driver and my mother the navigator; she had the map. Maps have been replaced with navigation systems but the fundamental principles are the same—they guide you along a path. We need to know where we are going and find the most efficient way to get there.

At HELIX, one of the first questions we ask is How do you sell something around here?  Queue the perplexed look on the CEO’s face. What do you mean? Our salespeople just sell our product.

The sales process is the map and your company’s path toward success. A sales process has stages that represent the buyers’ journey, and each stage has milestones that identify the steps necessary to move onto the next stage.  Simple is best.

Let’s look at an example.client example of the process in the path

There are five distinct stages with clear milestones to qualify a prospect. The methodology is built into the process and operates as the sales language and becomes the default for discussing opportunities. Listen to industry leader, Dave Kurlan, for details.

The HELIX Blueprint

All the CEO needs is a commitment to growth, the road map, and the courage to proceed to your destination.


The path with steps in the process

Figure 1 Blueprint that HELIX uses to implement a growth mindset and coaching culture implemented in 90-days.

The HELIX Blueprint supports the organization, the team, and the individual. The process is based on over 30 years of experience, best practices, access to amazing sales technology, and industry research.

The Goal: sales managers & leadership to implement and execute a process focused on coaching and accountability. Don’t be afraid to seek support from HELIX or from your current team. An analysis is first in the process, not training. Reasons for poor performance are not always obvious so if you want to maximize training, analysis is the best first step. The best part? Our Blueprint drives the corrective actions.

Sales training must be tailored to the unique needs of the company or everyone is wasting resources. HELIX implements embedded training that addresses the hidden weakness in people’s mindsets and sales competencies. These are short programs that are immediately tied to reality through experiential learning, so they stick with participants and lead to real results. No in one ear and out the other situations.

Road trips create questions. Where do we want to go? How long can we take to get there? What places do we want to visit along the way—do we have time? Should we avoid dirt roads? Answer the questions (process) and you’ll see a path toward your destination emerge. Success in business is similar. The process is the path.