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Amplification.  Amplification is what is happening right now in your sales organization just as it does in high profile sporting events.  Just as in sports, there are winners and losers.  Those who get better, and those that don’t.

Everything about the Superbowl is amplified.  It starts in the playoffs. If you don’t like football, pick your favorite sport.  The concept applies. The World Series. The Masters. The World Cup.

I throw in Tom Brady because he represents what GRIT means; the competencies to do what is necessary to be prepared and successful: Desire. Commitment. Motivation. Responsibility. Outlook. 


Salespeople who were making excuses when the economy was setting new limits will continue to make excuses now.  The excuses, and more importantly the outcomes are amplified.  Sadly, the excuses are still being accepted.

The salespeople who sucked at selling value or could not sell consultatively when the economy was great will continue to be awful, but they will not have the economy to hide behind.  Their sales will lag.  This shortfall will be amplified.


If you own a business or a CEO of a business, your revenue was probably up in 2019 and early Q1 2020. I cannot say for sure to what degree the Economy helped your sales organization, but you should want to know.

Are the salespeople making excuses?  It will sound like: “there is spending freeze”, “it is not appropriate to sell right now”, “people are home not at the office”. Excuse making is a symptom of a much larger problem within the sales organization.


The chart below illustrates the wide gap between salespeople who are consistently effective (Elite), and those who are unprepared. The green bars represent the Elite salespeople; the blue bar shows all salespeople, and the red bar denotes the weakest salespeople.  The 4 competencies are required in any sales environment, but are critical for success today and the future.  The disparity is huge.  This disparity translates to an ability to close sales and hold margins.



Only 6% of all salespeople are Elite. Are your above average and good salespeople ready for the challenges ahead?  Ready for buyers putting extreme pressure on pricing. Ready for more stalls, objections and put-offs?  Are they ready to work 3x as hard as they have?  It is possible to get these answers using science  guessing.


The following information is ONLY for the business owners & CEOs who need to be successful, and have the GRIT necessary to build an Offense; gain market share; maintain margins;  grow revenue.  We have been through something similar to COVID-19 economy before; remember 2008 -2010.  Every company’s needs are different, but it takes GRIT to change &  grow.  There isn’t a magic wand.


The first step is to gather objective data and understand what your sales organization can execute with the new roles they face and if you can re-tool now.

If you want to understand your sales organization, and it’s ability to move the needle in the future based on the new requirements of sales roles, click on this link to understand how.  You will find an example of the data set that is available to CEOs who want to control more of the future.  You will have access to a video and a data set, so you can determine the power of the information.  Business leaders know how to make decisions when they have good intelligence. 


What will be amplified in your sales team over the next 12-months?  How many Tom Brady’s do you have on your sales team?  Who is providing the leadership in the sales organization for those that need help?


The decisions around re-tooling or re-deployment in a sales organization are more complex than revenue & overhead.  There are 6 other significant factors; learn about them here.

You may not have a lot of Tom Brady’s on your team, but how many Joey Harrington’s do you have?


With 30+ years of experience in business development, sales coaching, and sales management positions, Walter has gained deep understanding of, and rare insight into managing and implementing a sales process. His unique, best-in-class sales assessment tools and CRM software have proven to be exactly what businesses need to transform their sales team and process.

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