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Why Your Sales Training Isn't Working

And how you can transform it

Imagine: for the past 9 months you’ve been feeling an annoying, aching pain in your knee. Because of the pain, you can’t rotate your hips fully when you swing on the golf course, and you can’t move as effectively on the tennis court.

Finally, you can’t handle it any longer, so you go to the doctor. After the doctor asks questions and runs tests, he discovers the real reason you’ve been experiencing knee pain: you have a hip problem.

Things are not always as they seem.

To protect your hip, your body was putting extra stress on the knee. The knee is not the problem, it’s the symptom. Fix the hip and the source of the problem is fixed.

Is Your Training Solving
the Real Problem?

Training is usually effective for your salespeople, but is it effectively solving your overall sales problem(s)? Did you evaluate the sales organization, the VP, the sales managers, the systems and processes the team follows?

Nope – training was delivered without knowing if the salespeople were worth the investment, or where their weaknesses were.

Even if the training fixes the “knee,” the problem will only come back because the problem is not being solved at the source.

Sales Training Doesn’t Train
the Sales Manager

Here is another reason sales training is often ineffective: The training does not train the sales manager.

Do the sales managers know how to coach?

Do they know how to hold people accountable without micromanaging?


Sales Management is an undervalued resource in a company. Managers get promoted because they were great salespeople, and everyone assumes they know how to “manage” the rest of the team. But being great at sales is not enough to be a great sales manager.

Here’s a dirty little secret…

Often Sales Managers have no idea what they agreed to do. I know, because it happened to me several times in my career. Helping sales managers is the reason I founded Helix Sales Development.

It really isn’t rocket science, although Helix uses a lot of science to understand a sales team. Your sales trainers should be able to provide an ROI before they start.


Have your sales trainers provided an ROI?

You should know what the real source of the problems in your sales organization are (there will be more than one). The transformation will be bumpy, but if you know the ROI is $30M over 24 months, you strap in and go for it.

Bonus: Valuable Resources

Data helps us see and understand the problem. This tool will allow you ungated access to 30 years of statistics by industry specialists and over 2 million evaluations.

If you can spend five minutes answering questions, this tool will help you understand how your team measures up. But you have to answer honestly.

Was this Effective for you?

Reach out and let us know how these tips worked for you, or if you have any questions.

If the above tips didn’t work for you, Helix is offering a 30-minute consultation to help you address your sales hiring problems and fix the problem. Or reach out if they did, and tell us what happened.