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Recruiting Process Grader

Are you hiring the right people?

Imagine you’re interviewing someone: they’re charismatic, agreeable, AND they have a great resume— why wouldn’t you hire them? Just because someone looks good on paper and you seem to get along well, does not mean that they have the necessary DNA to be a salesperson at your company. Tests like Meyer Briggs are often used to determine if someone will fit into the company, however, these tests are not designed to determine success in sales. What you need are tests and tools that are tailored specifically for identifying someone’s sales DNA. 

Using OMG’s hiring tools, we are able to predict with 91% accuracy which of the candidates for your sales position will go on to be among the top 50% of your salespeople within 12 months. And because they’re a good fit for your company, they stay there. How effective is your company’s process for recruiting top sales talent? Take this short test and get immediate results.

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Select the steps you currently include in your formal or informal sales recruiting process. Using the up/down arrows, move those steps into the sequence you currently follow. Complete the requested information below and click Grade My Recruiting Process and we will provide you with a score.