Do You Have a Rock Star Sales team?

Summer is traditionally touring season for many rock bands. As we move into the second half of the year, is your team topping the charts?

There are six performance areas where sales teams are like Rock Bands.

  1. One-Hit Wonders
  2. Top Producers
  3. Most Consistent
  4. Social Selling
  5. Over Promise Under Deliver
  6. Best Presentations

How can you lead your team to the top of the charts? Read on and find out. At the end, learn how to get a Backstage Pass to help your sales team become Rock Stars.


One-Hit Wonders

If you search “One hit wonder bands” on Google, you’ll get 15,600,000 results. My research sources were Rolling Stone Magazine and the Wikipedia list of US one-hit wonders. Perusing these lists is a time machine of our past and if you want a long rabbit hole for a few hours, this one won’t disappoint.

One-hit wonders are hit-and-miss producers. They stumble into goal attainment once and then fall back to mediocrity. Their success is attributed to right place right time events and not the result of skills, diligence, or effort.

How do you avoid being a One-Hit Wonder?

Create and execute an intentional and consistent prospecting strategy into your territory and you schedule prospecting into every working week of the year. Reps have total control over this but most fail.

Fun Fact! Rolling Stone gives the #1 One Hit Wonder to: A-ha – Take on Me.


Top Producer

By Remy –, CC BY 4.0,

This category is for that sales team crushing value creation. You can only drive market-leading pricing if you are delivering value. Top producing teams lead with value and work diligently to execute every week.

How can you or your team become the Top-Producing team?

Spend an afternoon brainstorming the problems your product or solutions solves. No features and benefits, only problems. Rank them from most impactful to least impactful and develop a set of questions to help clients see if they have any of these issues. Qualify your opportunities and focus on clients committed to solving the problems. Top-producing Rock Bands took their shows on the road to their fans. In 2017, U2 lead the highest-grossing concert tour in history despite fewer shows than other bands. They generated $736,421,584 (that’s $887,082,982 in today’s economy!).


Most Consistent

Does your team keep winning year after year? Do you have reps on your team that will not retire? This is the consistent top performer. If you have some on your team, you better keep them.

FPhoto Attributed: Jim Pietryga, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

These reps win regardless of the economy, competition, or compensation plan changes. They show the highest ratings for desire, commitment, responsibility, and motivation. You know what these rock stars don’t do? Sabotage their performance. It’s rare to find performers who never stop improving their selling skills—they are worth every penny they earn.

How do you become one?

Work on your mindset and sales skills to keep improving. Prospect, Delivery Value, and Work to get better – every day.

Who is the winner of this category? None other than the Rolling Stones. The Stones had hits songs in the 60s,70,80s, and 90s. They consistently delivered some of the high-grossing live concert tours from the 1960s through 2020.  


Social Selling

Every day, someone on LinkedIn proclaims the death of traditional business and salvation by social selling. But selling has always been social.  You still need to talk to people and engage with them as a human.

The message is more important than the medium and ultimately, it is about the outcome. Did you engage the prospect or client? Do they want to talk with you?

Arguing “social selling” over “traditional methods” is a waste of time. Full of anecdotes and opinions.

Professional salespeople use social media to amplify and augment their message. They use the tools that help them reach clients effectively. Don’t think of one over the other, think about what helps you reach your clients?

Who would be the best social selling rock band? The Grateful Dead. They used “Social selling” back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s before the internet was a thing. They developed a huge group of devoted followers called “DeadHeads.” These fans traveled all over the world to see their beloved band.

The Grateful Dead cultivated a huge mailing list. They developed newsletters and merchandise for their fans. There was/is a whole subculture associated with the band and their fans. They perfected “Social selling” before social media before it was a thing.


Over Promise Under Deliver

I’ve saved the worst for last. The responsibility for this negative behavior lands right in the lap of sales managers. The bad behavior is cheapening your value (low price selling) for a future sale. As a manager, you hear things like, “If we sell at this low price today, we’ll be considered for a bigger deal in the future.” Sound familiar? Ugh. You have the power to stop it.

Price is an important aspect of determining value, but it is also an excuse for shoddy sales skills. As a manager, if you let this happen your team will discount everything. Their pipelines will become spotty and thin and after their guarantee runs out, they are gone.

How do you avoid these ills?

Learn to sell value. Improve your skills. Deliver value for your client and ask for referrals after you deliver the value. Don’t fall into the negativity of low-price sellers; hang with the value sellers instead.

What band exemplifies this category? Millie Vanilli. In the 1990s Milli Vanilli was huge! They were topping the charts and their popularity was skyrocketing. The only problem, the two band members were lip syncing.

Even worse, it was their manager Frank Farian that pushed the lip syncing forward. The two band members get the most criticism, but the manager let it happen. He even promoted it.


Best Presentation

Link to the video

This category needs an explanation. The best presentation must come at the proper time in the process and must also have all the right people in the room. The presentation shows the prospect how you can help them solve their problems.

The winner of this category is Metallica at the Monsters of Rock Concert in Moscow. The opening song, played to 1.6 M people is not the largest, that record belongs to Rod Stewart. He had 3.45M people in Rio De Janeiro at the Copa Cabana New Year Concert in 1994/1995.

But, measured by the right message to the right people at the proper time, Metallica wins. An open-air concert in Russia as the Communist Soviet Union was falling, beats a New Year party.


Backstage Pass Opportunity!

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