Sales and Cigars Episode 86 Donnie Boivin “The Cold Calling Conundrum”

Walter Sits down with Donnie Boivin. Donnie is an entrepreneur, CEO of Success Champion Networks, founder of The Badass Business Summit and host of the Growth Mode podcast. Walter and Donnie talk about how traditional networking was basically broken and needed to change. That is where Success Champion Networking was born, with a goal of changing everything you hate about networking. Success Champion Network and Badass Business Summit help everyone from CEOs to salespeople teaching all the things you thought you knew about business from cold calling to starting a business from the ground up and how his failures helped him grow. Walter and Donnie even do some roleplaying about the right and wrong way to cold call and give some great cold calling techniques. Donnie has a great story about the best hand rolled cigar he ever had and who rolled it. Just like Donnie’s Badass Group of companies this is a BADASS episode of Sales and Cigars. Go grab a cocktail, grab a cigar and strap in for this badass episode of Sales and Cigars.

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