Do you want leads, but don’t know which method is best?  A large percentage of lead generation initiatives fail.  They are expensive, time-consuming, and require significant resources just to determine what works.

A client compared his company’s lead generation budget to owning a boat–a big boat. 


He said, “it takes a lot of time, effort, and money to maintain a boat, and the joy stems from a few hours on the water.  At least with a boat, I know where the fun places are to anchor, and I control the guest list.” With many lead generation strategies, you don’t always control the guest list and the outcomes are wildly unpredictable.


I don’t own a boat. However, my daughter is an equestrian, so we have a couple of horses.  They are not as much fun to take to the lake but the experience of owning them is similar. Lots of time, effort, and money for a few minutes of competition yet we control many of the variables, so the outcomes are not wildly unpredictable. Wouldn’t it be nice if lead generation was more like that?


It’s not impossible! I have partnered with my friends at SalesQB, to provide insights for business owners who struggle with the ROI on their lead gen initiatives.   

Jim Muehlhausen will lead a fast-paced, live 25-minute LinkedIn Event to address your Lead Generation concerns and give yourself a fighting chance. Jim is the founder of SalesQB among other companies and he has a knack for seeing holes in a system, like Lead Gen, and creating solutions.


Here is the agenda


  • The five dirty little secrets lead gen companies don’t want you to know
  • Why Hail Marys don’t work in football or lead generation
  • How to avoid bright shiny object syndrome with cool new tech (a lot of it doesn’t generate cost-effective leads)
  • How to find the one KILLER lead source for your company
  • Real-world techniques that are working for B2B companies


The event is free and will be recorded. Register here.  You will be sent the event information after the registration. 

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