YES! And combined it’s called the Sales Process. I wanted to write about the sales process because it is the foundation for everything in a sales organization.


The sales process provides the context for:

  • Milestones (aka KPIs)
  • Quality of Opportunities (aka Deals)
  • Coaching & Role Playing

There is a real correlation between a widely adopted sales process and success in a sales organization. Dave Kurlan’s blog post nails this idea. When done well and implemented across all roles, it’s a game-changer. But most sales departments struggle to get it right because they don’t go deep enough into analysis or understand why skipping steps leads to problems.

An effective sales process has stages and milestones but it’s more than a map. They keep leaders and salespeople on the same page while uncovering strengths and weaknesses that can be coached up.

“Walter, this sounds like a maze and difficult to execute!”

Not really because it’s a series of checklists! Each checklist must be executed in a specific order and completed to qualify an opportunity and move it along to the next. There are typically 4-5 checklists and each one includes asking questions, gathering information, and making agreements.  This post does a great job of explaining them.

Still not convinced you need a proper sales process?

How does a 15% bump in revenue sound? When a solid sales process runs like a well-oiled machine across all the sales roles, your numbers will rise, and the quality of your deals will too. It’s that simple.

HELIX has a sales process that includes checklists and milestones.  BONUS—It also serves as a methodology.  Here is a helpful video with two of our Partners talking about Sales Process and Sales Methodology. It boils down to repeatable revenue growth with margin integrity.

We only work with growth-minded, mid-market CEOs ($10-$25M) who have the desire & commitment to building a performance-based sales culture.  Our clients say the journey can be challenging; however, the results are transformative. If you want help, reach out to us.  We have a sales process & methodology that will work for you.


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