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Meet Walter Crosby

34 years ago, a young and curious Walter Crosby began his sales career in NYC. His desire to learn and grow was, and is, insatiable. He rapidly advanced in several industries and markets across the United States and Canada fulfilling business development, sales, sales coaching, and sales management positions. He was frustrated by the lack of training every time he was promoted to management roles, so he sought that training for himself.

After leaving a software startup, his entrepreneurial spirit fueled him to found Helix Sales Development to share his experience and knowledge with the world. With a deep understanding of and rare insight into managing and implementing a sales process, Walter has a strong track record of rapidly creating high performing sales departments at firms from $10M to $50M+ in sales.

Walter has led Helix Sales Development to form strategic relationships with partners whose evidenced-based tools provide unique insights that power its transformative work with its clients. The unique, best-in-class sales assessment tools, repeatable sales process, and CRM software have proven to be exactly what businesses need to transform their sales organizations.

Not only is Walter a connoisseur of sales management, but he also manages an active lifestyle traveling with his family, golfing, sampling interesting wine with his wife of 20 years, keeping up with his teenage daughter, and occasionally burning a fine cigar in his private cigar lounge.

Walter’s leadership style emanates from real-world experience and great training. Schedule a free consultation today, and find out how Helix Sales Development can transform your business.

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“I created Helix Sales Development because Presidents & CEOs were not receiving the data they needed to make good decisions about their sales organization, and they were struggling. We provide the answers to the questions they should be asking & execute the solutions to fix the sales team once and for all.”

— Walter Crosby, President, Helix Sales Development